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Advantages of singing bowls

Many of us have not heard of the term singing bowl before. A singing bowl is a bell that is neither inverted or has a handle. The bottom side sits on a surface while the rim is where the vibration turns into sound. It was put to use by Hindus and Buddhists. When rubbed or even tapped, it produces a beautiful sound. Researchers have proved that sound affects every inch of the human body. This is the reason music calms everyone including cancer patients. Discussed below are some of the reasons singing bowls are beneficial.

First, the soothing sound from the singing bowl helps in stress relief. This means that when you feel down you should try some singing bowl therapy. You are sure to lift your spirit and feel happy. Along with stress it also relieves tension. Your mood changes for the better and your esteem goes a bit higher.

It lowers anger and blood pressure. Blood pressure is brought about by shock or sometimes anger. Your anger will disappear slowly when you listen to the beautiful sounds of a singing bowl. As your anger goes down, your blood pressure goes back to normal.

It improves blood flow and blood circulation. Since your body is relaxed, it will carry out its functions better and more effectively. Your blood flows to all the organs as required. The heart is in a perfect position to perform its functions. You are also free from disease meaning all the blood vessels are clear of any obstacles that would prevent proper flow of blood.

The deeper you listen to the sound the more relaxed your body gets. It is a good way to relieve pain as no drugs are involved. The same way alcohol makes you forget problems, the sound relaxes you and relieves you of the pain you may have. Instead of using pain killers, the music can easily do the trick and leave you pain free.

It puts you in a better mental and emotional state in which you can think clearly. The sing bowl sooths you and you are able to think as clearly as you possibly can. It is like you are in your own world with all your thoughts and emotions. You get to know how to go about various issues.

It promotes your stillness and well-being. You will be level headed and able to make decisions that are fair. How you react in different situations depends on your well being. The decisions will always be rational and make sense. this therapy is of great help.

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