Nearby Chattanooga Offers Plentiful Lodging Opportunities for Visitors to the Cumberland Trail

The Justin P. Wilson Cumberland Trail is a Tennessee state park that is still under development, but more than 200 miles of hiking trail are open as of July 2017. The southern start to the trail is located at Signal Point, not far from Chattanooga. Camping is allowed at various stops on the trail at no charge, and hikers also have the option of staying in towns along the way if they prefer.

Hiking the Trail While Lodging Elsewhere

Staying in Chattanooga for a few days is an appealing option for people who want to take some relatively short hikes on the trail and who also want to visit other area attractions. The city is situated in the midst of mountain beauty and has a large number of lodging possibilities.

Not everyone likes camping, even if they love being outdoors and taking hikes through scenic wonder. In addition, camping along the trail is primitive, so it mainly attracts individuals who are not bothered by the lack of showers and other amenities. Visitors can still park in the closest parking area and backpack for a full day if they so choose, bringing food for a picnic lunch, as well as bottled water and snacks.

Hotels and Other Lodging

There is no shortage of hotels, motels, bed and breakfast inns and resorts in the Chattanooga area. Visitors can settle in at one place for their entire time there, or change it up and spend a couple nights in two different lodging establishments. The Signal Point entrance to the Cumberland Trail is only nine miles from downtown, which is an enticing option for people who want to experience some nightlife and fine restaurants in the urban setting. Many other lodging possibilities are located on the north side of the city and in suburban areas to the north.

Improved Campgrounds

Visitors to the area have opportunities for camping outside of the state park if they come in an RV or prefer to tent-camp in improved sites. Many tourists like to have electric hookups and access to running water, as well as the assurance of level ground or pavement.